Seagull Movie

SeagullBrickAct 1.

“There was a killing. But no one can recall who the murderer was. There was a body. But no one can remember the victim.”

“There was a war in the East. It had started a long time ago, so long ago that people no longer spoke about it very much. How it had started, no one could remember. Someone once said that with each compromise you give a little bit of yourself away. Perhaps, for someone, enough was enough. Perhaps there had been too many compromises and with them the realisation that tolerance kills just as much as intolerance.”

Act 2.

“George sometimes saw the ghosts of two children who had lived in the house years before and had drowned in the lake. So he said. Speaking for myself, as a practical man, a man of science, I don’t believe in ghosts. Though, admittedly, I’ve met many.”

“The next day we read in the newspapers that a battle in the East had cost seventy thousand lives. There was a plague in China. A distress signal had been detected from a distant galaxy a million light years away. Hittites and Assyrians migrated north. There were forest fires. A banning of literacy in Russia led to riots. In Germany men and women threw themselves to their deaths from tall buildings. Sand now covered much of Europe. And a pack of two headed dogs roamed the streets of Babylon.”

Act 3.

“On the final day we read in the newspapers that a hundred whales had been washed up in Iceland. A battle in the East had claimed close to ninety thousand lives. There was famine in France. Stock markets crashed. A woolly mammoth had been sighted somewhere in the Ardennes. Convocations of men with withered arms gathered at Lourdes in hope of a miracle. There were signs and portents. A comet over the Iberian Peninsula. Mongol hordes moved west. Constantinople fell. Africa wept.”