Low Down Alley Blues


A man walks into a bar. Sounds like the beginning of a joke doesn’t it? Except this is no joke. A man walks into a bar. He ends up battered and bleeding in an alley. Is he dying? Maybe. But there’s still time to remember all the things he said, all the moves he made, all the moves he might have made. That’s more to the point. Say one thing, this happens. Say another thing, that happens. Your life depends on the choices you make at every given moment. Talk to the beautiful girl. Don’t talk to her. Speak sharply to the guy in your face. Or shrug. Smile. Or frown. Everything has consequences. Play your hand. You can walk out of the bar at the end of the evening, feel a breeze on your face, turn up your collar, walk home. Or you can feel the cold, hard ground against your back, blood in your throat, your life slowly ebbing away. Low Down Alley Blues. It’s the choices you make. It’s the choices we all make.