White Space in a Painting

White Space in a Painting


Winner of a Best Shorts Award, La Jolla, California.

Showcased Lucerne International Film Festival 2014.

Rabbit is an artist. But he’s also a gambler. He owes money to Mr Papadopolus, £56,000 to be precise, and Mr Papadopolus is not a patient man. Rabbit has to come up with the money. Unfortunately, he hasn’t got it. He’s broke. What’s more, he’s a fantasist. He hasn’t sold a single painting, something that his wife, Lucille, drowning in unpaid bills, is quick to point out. So when gangsters Bland and Lundt are sent by Mr Papadopolus to pay Rabbit a visit it’s not in the way of a social call. If Rabbit can’t hand over the cash, he’s going to have to hand over his life. There’s only one thing going for him, one small thing in his favour. Bland thinks he has talent. He says so. He’s impressed, especially by the unfinished painting that stands on an easel in the living room. Indeed, so impressed is he that he wants Rabbit to finish it. Shouldn’t take long. Quick as you like. No problem. Little does he know. And so begins a few long hours of shifting relationships and perspectives. Four people in one room over the space of a single night, – nine p.m. to six a.m. What will happen? Will Rabbit survive? Will Bland and Lundt carry out their task? Will the painting ever be completed? In this sharp drama only one thing is certain: the comedy is always edged with black, the menace forever veering towards the absurd.

White Space in a Painting is a 30 minute feature. It was the first product of White Space Film Productions.

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