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The Short Films

Low Down Alley Blues White Space Film Productions is pleased to announce that Low Down Alley Blues was accepted as part of the Official Selection of Riverside International Film Festival, California, USA. It premiered over there on the 7th April. Where Fairyland Begins This project has been much delayed and was for some time stuck […]

A White Space Update.

It’s been a while since I gave an update on what’s happening with White Space Film Productions. This is not because nothing is happening. It’s because a decision was made at the beginning of 2014 to spend the year finishing up a backlog of work in order for us to be able to move on […]

White Space Logo

I like branding. In this business everything becomes a brand if successful. Columbia Pictures is a brand. Warner Brothers is a brand. George Clooney is a brand. Whenever the name is mentioned we know what to expect. The day an actor’s name becomes a brand is the day that actor will have made it. And […]

What’s In A Name?

White Space Films was founded almost exactly two years ago and a lot has happened in the intervening period. So much so in fact that I thought now might be the time to reflect on what we’ve done, what we are doing and what we hope to achieve. In 2011 my only thought was to […]