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Where Fairyland Begins

Poor Where Fairyland Begins. We filmed it ages ago. Since then it’s seen an editor, a composer and two colour graders come and go. It’s been put in a queue whilst we spent a year editing The Drama Sessions. And even recently it had to wait a week or two as the focus shifted to […]

Filming Fairyland

I’m a beginner. But then we are all beginners, always. We become adept only in order to begin again. Each moment is another beginning just as each New Year is new. I’m made aware of this with every film I undertake to do. In the past couple of years I’ve been involved, in one way […]

Front cover of Where Fairyland Begins

We are thrilled that Christie Bounsall, our illustrator of the book Where Fairyland Begins, has come up with a great front cover for it. It’s just what we were hoping for and are looking forward to further illustrations for the interior of the book very soon.

Illustrator for Where Fairyland Begins

White Space Film Productions is proud to have Christie Bounsall on board as illustrator for Where Fairyland Begins.┬áChristie will be illustrating the book whose title is that of the film’s. She introduces herself below and we have included a few examples of her very charming work for you to look at. “Hi! I’m an illustrator […]