Bad Party Poster

The cast of Bad Party, (rehearsing May/June) can be met below:


Byron Lyons plays O.J. Jiggle; Debbie Krieger plays Mrs Soldier Tom; Claudette Burke plays Mrs Jiggle; Bella Jacob plays Lola; Harriet Phillips plays Clarice; Carling Ernstzen plays Lily Mae; Lisa Ronkowski plays Emily; Vivian Monory plays Angel Wild; Mark Oliver plays Soldier Tom; Carl Welch plays Doctor Charlie.

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In Scene 1, Emily (Lisa Ronkowski) is upset:

Lisa Ronkowski in The Letter

EMILY: Life’s tough? Of course it’s tough. It’s tough for the mother who’s lost her child; it’s tough for the child that’s lost its mother; it’s tough for the alcoholic; it’s tough for the drug addict; it’s tough for the mentally ill; it’s tough for the physically disabled; it’s tough for the shy and socially ill at ease; it’s tough for ethnic minorities; it’s tough for women; it’s tough for gays; it’s tough for the working classes; it’s tough for the employee whose lost his job; it’s tough for the self-employed; it’s tough for soldiers and policemen and prison guards and ambulance drivers and teachers and doctors and nurses and farmers and refuse collectors and traffic wardens; it’s tough for midgets; it’s tough for giants and the obese; it’s tough for the divorcee; it’s tough for the homeless; it’s tough for Christians; it’s tough for Muslims; it was tough for Robin Williams; it was tough for Amy Winehouse; it was tough for Philip Seymour Hoffman; fuck, it’s tough for everybody! It’s so tough we might as well say that ‘tough’ is just another word for life. To live is to have it tough. Get over it! Don’t use how tough life is as an excuse for doing nothing, for not even trying, as if to say “I would give it a go but I’m a special case. It’s tougher for me than it is for you!” Like hell it is! It’s tough, full stop! Handle it. You want sympathy? Go canvas your 2500 friends on Facebook. You want a safe space? Build yourself an igloo, shut the door and huddle. You don’t want to be offended? Buy a book on anatomy and find your backbone. And while you’re about it, demand the right to be offended. We’re living in a war zone. It’s never been anything else. You sweat your way out of the womb, they hang you upside down by the ankles, they slap your arse and life goes downhill from there! No guarantees, no warranties, life isn’t a fucking washing machine! You tell me you can’t do it because you’ve got a family to support? Fuck you! You tell me you’re depressed? Fuck you! I’m sick of excuses, of self-justification, of the frightened, the anxious, the arrogant, the expert, the pinched, the stupid, the joker, the pessimist, the shirker, the unbeliever, the disdainer, the two thirds empty, the sniveller, the arse licker, the limp dick, the moaner, the groaner; the whiner and the clinically fucking muddled! And if you don’t like it Pete, Pedro, Klaus, Margie, Janet, Tessa, Thomas, Tom, Tommy or whatever your name is, leave the fucking room!

copyright Jon Campbell

One foot in front of the other…

Strange days for White Space Film Productions. Over the past year there have been hold-ups, delays, awkwardnesses and downright irritations. But, my experience is that even when it seems as if nothing is happening there is in fact a whole lot going on. Ideas grow, perspectives change, thought processes shift. In this business projects move slowly. You have a great idea at 22 only to finally have it green lit on the threshold of your 75th birthday. In such circumstances it would be easy to get despondent, to say “why do I bother?” and to feel that the world is against you. Well, what would be the point of that? Where there’s breath there ain’t no death. First rule of life: get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other. Do that and you’re already on a journey with the destination straight ahead. And, in any case, nobody likes a moper.

White Space has recently been putting one foot in front of the other. Seagull, our feature film project, has been revived and the full set of concept designs should be with us by the end of the month. Most recently though, we’ve been involved in creating scenes/short films that are useful for actor’s showreels and are also intended for sending to festivals. So far three have been shot with another in the pipeline and at least two more slated for a little further along the way. The three shot to date are: The Passing with Vivien Monory and Carl Welch, ( The Hello with Vivien Monory and John Gristwood; and The Letter with Lisa Ronkowski and John Gristwood, presently being edited. Number four is titled The Journey and will feature Mark Oliver.

Lisa Ronkowski in The Letter

White Space Film Productions, whilst doing what the name suggests, making films, also acts as an umbrella company for a number of initiatives. For instance, The Drama Sessions, our acting foundation course, exists under the White Space umbrella. And now we are embarking upon something completely new. We live in a digital age and the distinction between film and theatre is becoming increasingly blurred. With that in mind, on 29th April we begin rehearsals of a play, Bad Party. The rehearsal process will last for 10 weeks overall. The intention will then be to find a venue in which to show it but more than that, it will be adapted into a film script and shot as a hard-hitting, totally contemporary feature. Many of the rehearsals will also be filmed and made into a video diary.

Screenshot at 2017-02-25 19:08:59

As a Company, we tend not to audition but use actors that are known to us and whose work has been seen, often in workshops. So, of the actors mentioned above, Vivien Monory is in Seagull and Bad Party; Carl Welch was in our inaugural production, White Space in a Painting (, and is also in Seagull and Bad Party; Lisa Ronkowski is in Bad Party and will perform in an expansion of The Letter; and Mark Oliver is in Bad Party. The Company is engaged in attempting to build a repertory of actors that it can employ on a project by project basis. Our ethos is that in the end it is the quality of the actors who make the Company.

Production Designer for Seagull

V a l e n t i n a G u a i t a

White Space Film Productions is pleased to announce that Valentina Guaita will be creating the concept designs for Seagull with a view to acquiring full Production Designer status on the project. Earlier work included concept designs for Leonardo’s Photograph, (now being adapted as a stage play). You can read a brief biography of Valentina below. Also included are a couple of designs for Leonardo’s Photograph.

Valentina Guaita is an Italian freelance set and costume designer / art director.

Having trained in set and costume designer at Fine Art Academy in Brescia (Italy), at Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design (London) and as interior designer at IED in Milano (Italy). Valentina Guaita began her career designing sets for theatre and film. Here her work evidenced a strong sense of storytelling concept and colour, and an ability to create an immediate and multi-sensory experience.

Her experiences ranging from creative direction, interiors and prop styling set design as well as exhibition, event, retail design and consulting.





Song for Seagull – Alice Offley

AliceOffley Actress_Singer_songwriter

White Space Film Productions is proud to announce the participation of talented singer/actress Alice Offley. Her rendition of the traditional ballad ‘She Moves Through The Fair’ will feature in the forthcoming production of ‘Seagull.’

Listen to Alice sing the song here:

Alice is a trained Actress as well as classically trained musician and composer.

She loves emotion and drama and is drawn anything that channels this!

From a musical family and Irish roots, she enjoys the folk element of story telling through song, and was honoured to sing ‘She Moves Through The Fair’ for White Space Films.




Alice also has her own band ‘Alice & The Lovers’ and they are soon to release their 2nd EP. see or

Where Fairyland Begins

Poor Where Fairyland Begins. We filmed it ages ago. Since then it’s seen an editor, a composer and two colour graders come and go. It’s been put in a queue whilst we spent a year editing The Drama Sessions. And even recently it had to wait a week or two as the focus shifted to the Chekhov’s Eye extravaganza. Not to mention a slight delay while we considered art direction for Leonardo’s Photograph. All in all, it’s been a bit of a Cinderella project.

Well, I’m glad to say that finally it’s been colour graded. We still have to apply special effects but at least I can now confirm that we’re heading into the final lap. The patience of everyone involved has been tremendous. Thank you to them.

Below you can see three screengrabs from the film. We are now living in hope that we can wrap this project up sooner rather than later.

Screenshot at 2015-07-03 07:31:09

Screenshot at 2015-07-03 07:32:19

Screenshot at 2015-07-03 07:33:48

The Short Films

Riverside International Film Festival 2015

Low Down Alley Blues

White Space Film Productions is pleased to announce that Low Down Alley Blues was accepted as part of the Official Selection of Riverside International Film Festival, California, USA. It premiered over there on the 7th April.

Where Fairyland Begins

This project has been much delayed and was for some time stuck in a queue due to the demands of The Drama Sessions. We’re pleased to say that it is now being worked on by a colour-grader after which it will be handed over to a special effects expert in order for him to work his magic.

The Gift (formerly Violin)

This film is being completely re-edited. The likelihood now is that, in many ways, it will become a completely different film and, as you can see, even has a different title. It is for this reason that the original film, Violin, is not presently being submitted to festivals.

The Drama Sessions

The Drama Sessions, our 12 part acting foundation course, is now all up on Vimeo. It’s been a marathon, mainly run by our fantastic editor Joanna Lewandowska. You can see Jo’s bio here:

As I say, it’s been a marathon. We’ve been fortunate too in having Steve Allen on board to work on the dedicated website for The Drama Sessions. You can read about Steve and his company here:

As soon as we get the website right we would hope to begin testing from end of June and through the Summer. Basically we will be asking all sorts of people to test for functionality, ease of use etc. What everyone who buys the course will receive overall is twelve videos of about 12-15 minutes each, filmed improvisation exercises accompanying each session and approximately 140 pages of downloadable, written material.

Below you can have a sneak preview of The Drama Sessions, a scene in Episode 12 between casting director Frizz Lapping, (played by Beth Mayoh) and Brad Jolly, (played by Gregory Scott) in which Frizz is taking a rather over-intense interest in Brad’s career.


The Seagull

White Space Film Productions is about to embark on something rather different. Over the next twelve months we will be rehearsing The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. This will be with a view to filming it as a feature. Note: not as a filmed play but as a feature from a shooting script with all that that entails, – shot lists, set-ups, close-ups, takes as well as a post-production period which will include careful editing, sound-mixing, grading etc. It is a long-term project, shooting will only occur when performances have reached a high level, but it is one that is very exciting and although there are a number of templates for it, (specifically Vanya on 42nd Street directed by Louis Malle but also A Master Builder directed by Jonathan Demme and An Enemy of the People directed by Satyajit Ray), in many ways innovative. Studio rehearsals will always be open to the public and there will be a dedicated website, Chekhov’s Eye, on which progress will be charted. You will come to know a lot more about the actors involved as time goes on as the Chekhov’s Eye website will include their thoughts on the production and the characters they are playing. In the meantime, let’s introduce you to them:

The Seagull  J Staton  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  Mark Stanway             The Seagull

Cast (from top left across)

Beth Mayoh (Arkadina, an actress)

Joe Staton (Konstantin, her son)

Carl Welch (Sorin, her brother)

Gabrielle Nellis-Pain (Nina, the young daughter of a wealthy landowner)

Allan Webb (Shamrayev, a retired lieutenant, Sorin’s steward)

Jane Hayward (Polina, his wife)

Vivien Monory (Masha, his daughter)

Paul Arone (Trigorin, a novelist)

David King (Dorn, a doctor)

Mark Stanway (Medvedenko, a teacher)

Tomas Zeman (Yakov, a workman)