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Award, La Jolla California, USA, 2013

Award, La Jolla California, USA, 2013

White Space Film Productions was founded by Jon Campbell and Joanna Lewandowska in 2011 as a film repertory company with the aim of producing an on-going body of exceptional work.

The company’s first production was White Space In A Painting, a thirty minute thriller for four actors which won a Best Shorts award from the La Jolla Best Shorts Competition and was chosen to be showcased at the Lucerne Film Festival in October 2014.

As well as White Space In A Painting the editing of Low Down Alley Blues was concluded in May 2014. This was premiered at the Riverside International Film Festival, Los Angeles, in April 2015. Later, we were engaged in shooting twelve shorts of twelve minutes each under the heading The Drama Sessions.

Susequently we embarked on two further shorts, The Gift and Where Fairyland Begins. In 2016, the company began the first stages of developing a full length feature, Seagull. Shooting is projected to commence in 2018. In January 2014 White Space Film Productions became a Limited Company.

Showcase Selection, Lucerne Film Festival 2014

Showcase Selection, Lucerne Film Festival 2014

A key to White Space Film Productions lies in the concept of its being a repertory company. A group of company members form the core of the company and while they are, of course, at liberty to take on other engagements this stability helps to provide White Space Film Productions with a sense of purpose that many other companies may lack.


Another key is in the notion of continuous production. The idea of White Space Film Productions is that it should be constantly expanding, both in terms of a developing network of people whose services it can call upon and the amount of equipment in its possession. Clearly, it will always be more economical to hire the most expensive cameras and so on but the fact of having a central reserve of equipment and personnel means that it will be able to produce work more quickly and less expensively than comparable production companies.

Riverside International Film Festival 2015

Riverside International Film Festival, California, USA 2015

White Space Film Productions is an exciting venture, a company with a dynamic and positive attitude whose mission is to create eye-catching work. If you feel that you would like more information about the Company or feel that you could be of assistance in any way please get in touch by using the contact page on this site.