Bad Party Poster

The cast of Bad Party, (rehearsing May/June) can be met below:


Byron Lyons plays O.J. Jiggle; Debbie Krieger plays Mrs Soldier Tom; Claudette Burke plays Mrs Jiggle; Bella Jacob plays Lola; Harriet Phillips plays Clarice; Carling Ernstzen plays Lily Mae; Lisa Ronkowski plays Emily; Vivian Monory plays Angel Wild; Mark Oliver plays Soldier Tom; Carl Welch plays Doctor Charlie.

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In Scene 1, Emily (Lisa Ronkowski) is upset:

Lisa Ronkowski in The Letter

EMILY: Life’s tough? Of course it’s tough. It’s tough for the mother who’s lost her child; it’s tough for the child that’s lost its mother; it’s tough for the alcoholic; it’s tough for the drug addict; it’s tough for the mentally ill; it’s tough for the physically disabled; it’s tough for the shy and socially ill at ease; it’s tough for ethnic minorities; it’s tough for women; it’s tough for gays; it’s tough for the working classes; it’s tough for the employee whose lost his job; it’s tough for the self-employed; it’s tough for soldiers and policemen and prison guards and ambulance drivers and teachers and doctors and nurses and farmers and refuse collectors and traffic wardens; it’s tough for midgets; it’s tough for giants and the obese; it’s tough for the divorcee; it’s tough for the homeless; it’s tough for Christians; it’s tough for Muslims; it was tough for Robin Williams; it was tough for Amy Winehouse; it was tough for Philip Seymour Hoffman; fuck, it’s tough for everybody! It’s so tough we might as well say that ‘tough’ is just another word for life. To live is to have it tough. Get over it! Don’t use how tough life is as an excuse for doing nothing, for not even trying, as if to say “I would give it a go but I’m a special case. It’s tougher for me than it is for you!” Like hell it is! It’s tough, full stop! Handle it. You want sympathy? Go canvas your 2500 friends on Facebook. You want a safe space? Build yourself an igloo, shut the door and huddle. You don’t want to be offended? Buy a book on anatomy and find your backbone. And while you’re about it, demand the right to be offended. We’re living in a war zone. It’s never been anything else. You sweat your way out of the womb, they hang you upside down by the ankles, they slap your arse and life goes downhill from there! No guarantees, no warranties, life isn’t a fucking washing machine! You tell me you can’t do it because you’ve got a family to support? Fuck you! You tell me you’re depressed? Fuck you! I’m sick of excuses, of self-justification, of the frightened, the anxious, the arrogant, the expert, the pinched, the stupid, the joker, the pessimist, the shirker, the unbeliever, the disdainer, the two thirds empty, the sniveller, the arse licker, the limp dick, the moaner, the groaner; the whiner and the clinically fucking muddled! And if you don’t like it Pete, Pedro, Klaus, Margie, Janet, Tessa, Thomas, Tom, Tommy or whatever your name is, leave the fucking room!

copyright Jon Campbell

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