One foot in front of the other…

Strange days for White Space Film Productions. Over the past year there have been hold-ups, delays, awkwardnesses and downright irritations. But, my experience is that even when it seems as if nothing is happening there is in fact a whole lot going on. Ideas grow, perspectives change, thought processes shift. In this business projects move slowly. You have a great idea at 22 only to finally have it green lit on the threshold of your 75th birthday. In such circumstances it would be easy to get despondent, to say “why do I bother?” and to feel that the world is against you. Well, what would be the point of that? Where there’s breath there ain’t no death. First rule of life: get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other. Do that and you’re already on a journey with the destination straight ahead. And, in any case, nobody likes a moper.

White Space has recently been putting one foot in front of the other. Seagull, our feature film project, has been revived and the full set of concept designs should be with us by the end of the month. Most recently though, we’ve been involved in creating scenes/short films that are useful for actor’s showreels and are also intended for sending to festivals. So far three have been shot with another in the pipeline and at least two more slated for a little further along the way. The three shot to date are: The Passing with Vivien Monory and Carl Welch, ( The Hello with Vivien Monory and John Gristwood; and The Letter with Lisa Ronkowski and John Gristwood, presently being edited. Number four is titled The Journey and will feature Mark Oliver.

Lisa Ronkowski in The Letter

White Space Film Productions, whilst doing what the name suggests, making films, also acts as an umbrella company for a number of initiatives. For instance, The Drama Sessions, our acting foundation course, exists under the White Space umbrella. And now we are embarking upon something completely new. We live in a digital age and the distinction between film and theatre is becoming increasingly blurred. With that in mind, on 29th April we begin rehearsals of a play, Bad Party. The rehearsal process will last for 10 weeks overall. The intention will then be to find a venue in which to show it but more than that, it will be adapted into a film script and shot as a hard-hitting, totally contemporary feature. Many of the rehearsals will also be filmed and made into a video diary.

Screenshot at 2017-02-25 19:08:59

As a Company, we tend not to audition but use actors that are known to us and whose work has been seen, often in workshops. So, of the actors mentioned above, Vivien Monory is in Seagull and Bad Party; Carl Welch was in our inaugural production, White Space in a Painting (, and is also in Seagull and Bad Party; Lisa Ronkowski is in Bad Party and will perform in an expansion of The Letter; and Mark Oliver is in Bad Party. The Company is engaged in attempting to build a repertory of actors that it can employ on a project by project basis. Our ethos is that in the end it is the quality of the actors who make the Company.

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