Where Fairyland Begins

Poor Where Fairyland Begins. We filmed it ages ago. Since then it’s seen an editor, a composer and two colour graders come and go. It’s been put in a queue whilst we spent a year editing The Drama Sessions. And even recently it had to wait a week or two as the focus shifted to the Chekhov’s Eye extravaganza. Not to mention a slight delay while we considered art direction for Leonardo’s Photograph. All in all, it’s been a bit of a Cinderella project.

Well, I’m glad to say that finally it’s been colour graded. We still have to apply special effects but at least I can now confirm that we’re heading into the final lap. The patience of everyone involved has been tremendous. Thank you to them.

Below you can see three screengrabs from the film. We are now living in hope that we can wrap this project up sooner rather than later.

Screenshot at 2015-07-03 07:31:09

Screenshot at 2015-07-03 07:32:19

Screenshot at 2015-07-03 07:33:48

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