The Short Films

Riverside International Film Festival 2015

Low Down Alley Blues

White Space Film Productions is pleased to announce that Low Down Alley Blues was accepted as part of the Official Selection of Riverside International Film Festival, California, USA. It premiered over there on the 7th April.

Where Fairyland Begins

This project has been much delayed and was for some time stuck in a queue due to the demands of The Drama Sessions. We’re pleased to say that it is now being worked on by a colour-grader after which it will be handed over to a special effects expert in order for him to work his magic.

The Gift (formerly Violin)

This film is being completely re-edited. The likelihood now is that, in many ways, it will become a completely different film and, as you can see, even has a different title. It is for this reason that the original film, Violin, is not presently being submitted to festivals.

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