The Drama Sessions

The Drama Sessions, our 12 part acting foundation course, is now all up on Vimeo. It’s been a marathon, mainly run by our fantastic editor Joanna Lewandowska. You can see Jo’s bio here:

As I say, it’s been a marathon. We’ve been fortunate too in having Steve Allen on board to work on the dedicated website for The Drama Sessions. You can read about Steve and his company here:

As soon as we get the website right we would hope to begin testing from end of June and through the Summer. Basically we will be asking all sorts of people to test for functionality, ease of use etc. What everyone who buys the course will receive overall is twelve videos of about 12-15 minutes each, filmed improvisation exercises accompanying each session and approximately 140 pages of downloadable, written material.

Below you can have a sneak preview of The Drama Sessions, a scene in Episode 12 between casting director Frizz Lapping, (played by Beth Mayoh) and Brad Jolly, (played by Gregory Scott) in which Frizz is taking a rather over-intense interest in Brad’s career.


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