The Seagull

White Space Film Productions is about to embark on something rather different. Over the next twelve months we will be rehearsing The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. This will be with a view to filming it as a feature. Note: not as a filmed play but as a feature from a shooting script with all that that entails, – shot lists, set-ups, close-ups, takes as well as a post-production period which will include careful editing, sound-mixing, grading etc. It is a long-term project, shooting will only occur when performances have reached a high level, but it is one that is very exciting and although there are a number of templates for it, (specifically Vanya on 42nd Street directed by Louis Malle but also A Master Builder directed by Jonathan Demme and An Enemy of the People directed by Satyajit Ray), in many ways innovative. Studio rehearsals will always be open to the public and there will be a dedicated website, Chekhov’s Eye, on which progress will be charted. You will come to know a lot more about the actors involved as time goes on as the Chekhov’s Eye website will include their thoughts on the production and the characters they are playing. In the meantime, let’s introduce you to them:

The Seagull  J Staton  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  The Seagull  Mark Stanway             The Seagull

Cast (from top left across)

Beth Mayoh (Arkadina, an actress)

Joe Staton (Konstantin, her son)

Carl Welch (Sorin, her brother)

Gabrielle Nellis-Pain (Nina, the young daughter of a wealthy landowner)

Allan Webb (Shamrayev, a retired lieutenant, Sorin’s steward)

Jane Hayward (Polina, his wife)

Vivien Monory (Masha, his daughter)

Paul Arone (Trigorin, a novelist)

David King (Dorn, a doctor)

Mark Stanway (Medvedenko, a teacher)

Tomas Zeman (Yakov, a workman)


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