A White Space Update.

It’s been a while since I gave an update on what’s happening with White Space Film Productions. This is not because nothing is happening. It’s because a decision was made at the beginning of 2014 to spend the year finishing up a backlog of work in order for us to be able to move on to other things. At the end of 2013 we had 15 short films, (including the 12 episodes of The Drama Sessions), in various stages of post-production. This was something that had to be addressed and although I would have liked to carry on with one shoot after another it would have been ridiculous to do so, simply ensuring a further jam in the system. And so, the slow, often laborious post-production process has been grinding on. But I thought that a brief-ish update on where we are with everything might now be of interest, hence this blog entry. To take each project one at a time.



All of the episodes have now been edited by Joanna who has done a great job. At the end of May we re-shot some of Episode 9. Parts of Episode 6 need to be re-cut. And basically, that’s it for the editing. In May we filmed the supplementary improvisation exercises. I am now engaged in creating the written material for all of the episodes. Another Dubbing Editor has been found, making two, and these two will now share the task of working on the sound mix. A couple of episodes, 5 and 6, were not shot to the same standard as the rest, (which in my view is high), and these will need substantial work done on them particularly in terms of colour grading. An animation for the credit sequence at the start of each episode is now only a couple of weeks away from completion. And finally, copyright is being sought for a song used in Episode 3. Within a fortnight we should be in a position to use Episode 1 along with all it’s accompanying material as a showcase, both for the purpose of raising investment and of making decisions about how best to get all 12 episodes onto the internet on a fully functioning website.


These are now being sent to festivals. Low Down Alley Blues only started its journey to the festival circuit just three weeks ago. That is, very nearly two years after it was originally filmed. I have had to learn patience.


This is due to be showcased at the Lucerne Film Festival in Switzerland in front of potential distributors in October.


There have been numerous hold-ups with this, mainly due to a decision to wait on certain personnel whose commitments were elsewhere. However, it’s not only that. I’ve been generally unhappy with the film itself, the material for which has not quite lived up to my expectations. The performances are excellent and we have a rough-cut that, except for the last minute or two, works very nicely. And yet I’m still finding it difficult to get a handle on the whole thing such that I can feel satisfied with what it is I’m seeing. I’ve now asked Joanna to take over the editing as a fresh pair of eyes and in order to facilitate a speedier moving forward. Where Fairyland Begins is an example of White Space’s increasing dedication to quality. The last couple of years have been a bumpy, even arduous learning period but we are at a stage now where quality counts and is expected. No project will ever see the light of day, whatever the financial loss, if it is not deemed to be of a good professional standard. I’m expecting that solutions to Fairyland will be found but ultimately I am not sentimental about any project.


Not gone by any means. The fact is that if our prospective partners on this one, hellolove, are still on board and there has been nothing to indicate they are not, and if a Producer can definitely be attached to the project, I will then get the lift built and it will be all go. I’d aim to try to pin this down within the next few weeks one way or another.


To a large extent we are attempting to clear much of the project backlog so that we can have a clear run at T&C. Again, I would like to find a Producer for this and then an Art Director. Although once we start shooting the film it will be a case of steady progress, nevertheless it would be good to be able to raise some capital towards completion costs. To this end a prospectus/costings document will be created simultaneously with a similar document for LEONARDO’S PHOTOGRAPH.


White Space Film Productions has been running for a relatively short time. At the point of shooting White Space in a Painting there was no company as such. The intention was merely to make a film. Then, throughout 2012, that is from the January to November of that year, we concentrated on nothing else but the filming of The Drama Sessions. In a sense, therefore, the company as an entity to be developed and promoted in its own right only really became a reality  in 2013. To date our tally is 16 short films, the acquisition of an award, the offer of a showcase at a film festival and the placing of the company on a business footing as a Limited enterprise. On top of those titles listed above there are more potential projects in the pipeline. BLUE SKY AT MIDNIGHT, (the third of the childhood films); THE ROARING BOYS, (a tv series); and at least two features, THE DRESS and POSTER GIRL, (working title and this latter has not yet reached script completion).

How many of these new projects will actually get made is open to speculation. Should Where Fairyland Begins be finished to the standard required then Blue Sky at Midnight will definitely be shot. But what I’ve discovered is that a film company slate is incredibly fluid with one project rising as another falls. Another discovery is that what appears to be a lull is actually no such thing. Activity is constant if not visible.

Soon, White Space Film Productions will be creating a new brochure which will be posted on the website. It will, I hope, provide further insights into the company’s progress and exciting developments.

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