White Space Logo


I like branding. In this business everything becomes a brand if successful. Columbia Pictures is a brand. Warner Brothers is a brand. George Clooney is a brand. Whenever the name is mentioned we know what to expect. The day an actor’s name becomes a brand is the day that actor will have made it. And I don’t mean will have become famous. I mean that his or her name will have grown to have become synonymous with a particular package, with a certain idea. Branding is about giving concrete expression to an idea, giving it an identity, persona or personality. Of course, the way a brand is expressed changes over time. A tin of Heinz baked doesn’t look quite the same as it did thirty years ago, though the essential ingredients of the design remain. This is true of most brand identities, Coca Cola for instance or Google. But to have a symbol or sign for a particular product, one that is immediately recognizable, has always been regarded as immensely important when it comes to generating sales.

And so, we unveil a logo for White Space Film Productions. No, this is not necessarily the last word but it is a start and it will certainly do for now. It combines the notion of simplicity with that of liveliness. Essentially it is a red rectangle, (red for practical purposes as black, a first thought, could be difficult to see on dark backgrounds), in which there is a white square, (the ‘White Space’), in which there are three circles, (representing the front of a camera lens). Very simple. Rectangle. Square. Circle. Indeed, it is so basic that it might easily be sketched on the back of a napkin. But then there is the liveliness of the lens flare. Simplicity conjoined to action.

From now on, the logo will feature in the credits, either front or back, of all of our films. And you can see it in situ, so to speak, on the About page on this website. I look forward to a time when it is recognizably White Space Film Productions.

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