Announcement! White Space in a Painting


First of all, a digression. So, 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture at the Oscars. But it wasn’t given the Best Director award and didn’t have the Best Actor or Actress in it. Hmm. So, in what way exactly was it the Best Picture? It did get the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Is that it? On the other hand, Gravity received the Best Director award but that wasn’t enough to make it the Best Picture. Hmm. So, Alfonso Cuaron who won Best Director for Gravity was best at what then? Certainly he wasn’t best at making the Best Picture. It would seem that 12 Years a Slave was the best picture because of its screenplay but in spite of its director and actors, (who weren’t best at anything), which is kind of weird. But maybe I’m missing something.

Strangely, we weren’t nominated for anything at the Oscars. Either this was a huge oversight on the part of the selectors or because we hadn’t entered anything. I think the latter reason the most likely. However, we do have one announcement. White Space in a Painting has been selected to be showcased in front of potential distributors at the Lucerne Film Festival later in the year. In the words of their communication to us: “All showcase movies will be given to 23 qualified distributors who may or may not contact you about a future distribution possibility.” I’m very pleased about this because it just goes to show that something that you think is finished with can still surprise you by giving you a wink, jumping up and shouting “Hey, I’m still here!” In other words, anything can happen at any time.

We are now making a poster for White Space in a Painting which I’ll publish as soon as it is finished. In the meantime I just want to thank and to congratulate everyone who worked on the project.


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