Illustrator for Where Fairyland Begins

White Space Film Productions is proud to have Christie Bounsall on board as illustrator for Where Fairyland Begins. Christie will be illustrating the book whose title is that of the film’s. She introduces herself below and we have included a few examples of her very 734316_10152641327800251_507084180_ncharming work for you to look at.

“Hi! I’m an illustrator who loves playing with paint, collaging with paint, scratching into paint, and painting with paint. I graduated with a 1st degree in Illustration at the University of the West of England in Bristol. This was where I developed my illustrative style, combining drawings with textures created from paint and real objects, in a digital collage. I tried a few other things after graduating but then decided to play with paint again. I’ve just completed my first picture book, which I hope to get published so I can replace all the things I spilt paint on.”

Like to know more about Christie? Follow the link:



she has wingsmaking-wings-web





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